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Accepting registrations for Research Assistants & Student Supporters

The Support Office for Female Researchers (or, "the Support Office") is currently accepting registrations for Research Assistants to support researchers and Student Supporters to assist the activities of the Support Office.
 Registrants will receive job information from the Support Office when a job is posted.  The work will provide you with:

  • a chance to improve your understanding and practical skills with research activities
  • knowledge and experiences that will help you plan your future career


Research Assistants

To support the research activities of the university's researchers who are experiencing life events (pregnancy, childrearing, caring for family members, etc.)


To provide assistance in research activities, including experiments, analysis of research data, statistical processing, literature research, and the creation of presentation materials.

Work Schedule

The assistant is employed for one half year (April to September / October to March), as a basic rule. The maximum work hours will be 150 hours per term. The assistant will be selected based on the researcher's requirements and the applicants' skills and experience.


The research assistant is hired as an SA (Student Assistant), RA (Research Assistant), academic researcher, or technical assistant, and the university's rules for wages will apply.

Student Supporters


  • To assist with the running of events (seminar receptions, venue attendants, etc.)
  • To assist with public relations activities (making brochures, assisting reporting activities, etc.)
  • To enter and consolidate data (entering survey results, etc.) and others

Work Schedule

The Support Office will send job information to registrants when a job is posted. The supporter will be selected from the registrants who apply for the position, based on the applicants' motivation and skills.


The university's rules for compensation will apply.