Message from the President


"A Future Vision of Yamaguchi University" presents the university's vision that it will systematically promote the careers of young and female researchers in order to continuously improve their research expertise. Based on this policy, the university is currently employing researchers and developing support systems in order of priority. The university's research environment has been actively improved as the Tenure Track Program was introduced in 2011 and the University Research Administrator (URA) position was launched in 2012. The Gender Equality Promotion Office, established in December 2012, has begun its projects to create positive working environments for both men and women.

Now our focus is on improvement and expansion of opportunities for female researchers to demonstrate their abilities. In order to foster female researchers who will actively participate in local and global communities and to create working environments where female researchers can build careers, the university will actively provide assistance to female researchers and develop an academic institute where both men and women can maximize their capabilities.

Masaaki Oka, President of Yamaguchi University

Message from the Director of the Support Office for Female Researchers


Like men, women have opportunities to exercise their skills as researchers and actively work in the front lines of their fields as they develop their careers. However, women often encounter periods in their lives when a life event prevents them from continuing their research activities. We believe that they can overcome the challenges of these times without undue stress or anxiety if they have someone to talk to, role models to look up to, and information about available programs.

The Support Office for Female Researchers is planning to develop various programs, including providing assistance for those who are experiencing life events and helping with networking so that female researchers of the university will be able to work on their research free from anxiety. We will also start projects to improve research skills and expand reliable support systems for female researchers.

Yamaguchi University's support activities have just begun. The Support Office for Female Researchers will develop and implement its activities with great help from the teaching and administrative staff of the university. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact the Support Office. I hope that Yamaguchi University will be able to provide even greater research opportunities in the future.

Suzuko Yamazaki, Director of the Support Office for Female Researchers