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Research Assistant Program

In order for female researchers who cannot secure sufficient research time due to life events and other reasons to continue their work and improve their research abilities, Yamaguchi University's Support Office for Female Researchers launched the Research Assistant Program in 2015.
Through this program, a female researcher of Yamaguchi University, or a male researcher of Yamaguchi University whose spouse is a researcher of a university or research institute, can hire a post graduate or graduate student whom she or he teaches or one who has been registered with the on-campus personnel data bank as a research assistant. Each researcher is eligible to hire an assistant for up to 150 hours per half year.

Assistance Provided through the Research Assistant Program

※Refer to Yamaguchi University Research Assistant Program Outlines (inserted at the end of the page) for more information.

Persons Eligible for the Assistance

Female researchers of Yamaguchi University, as well as male researchers of Yamaguchi University whose spouses are researchers of universities or research institutes, who meet one of the following conditions, excluding those who are or whose spouses are on maternity leave, parental leave, or family care leave:

  1. If the researcher or the spouse of the researcher is pregnant;
  2. If the researcher is parenting a child in Grade 6 or below;
  3. If the researcher is caring for a family member within two degrees of relationship who is in need of nursing care; or:
  4. If the researcher is unable to secure sufficient research time due to a life event equivalent to one of the preceding issues and if the Director of the Support Office for Female Researchers (hereinafter referred to as "the Director") approves their case.

Types of Assistance

The service to be provided is limited to assistance in research activities, including experiment assistance, analysis of research data, statistical processing, literature research, and the creation of presentation materials.

Terms of Use of Assistance

Up to 150 hours per researcher per half year (First term: April to September) (Second term: October to March)

Assistants to Be Hired for the Research Assistant Program

An assistant being hired for this program must be an undergraduate student or graduate student of Yamaguchi University. A graduate of Yamaguchi University can also be hired if approved.
The research assistant is hired as an SA, RA, academic researcher, or technical assistant, and the wage is determined in compliance with the rules for the category.
Applicants are encouraged to find and recommend an undergraduate or graduate student as a research assistant candidate if circumstances permit. If no recommendations are made by the applicant, an assistant that meets the researcher's preferences may be selected and stationed later than requested.

Complete the application form with required information, including estimated hours per month, as well as estimated days of the week and periods of time when assistance is required. The days and times can be adjusted within the approved period of time.