• Message from the President

    "A Future Vision of Yamaguchi University" presents the university's vision that it will systematically promote the careers of young and female researchers ・・・・・More!

  • Organization & Programs

    The Yamaguchi University Headquarters for the Promotion of Female Researcher Support is headed by the president of the university to establish basic ・・・・・More!

  • Brochure

    Yamaguchi University’s Support Office for Female Researchers was established on August 1, 2014. The Support Office initiates various projects to ・・・・・More!

  • Interview with the Directors

    We interviewed Professor Suzuko Yamazaki, the Director of the Support Office for Female Researchers, and Professor Shoko Nabeyama, the Director ・・・・・More!

  • Mentor System

    Yamaguchi University is launching the Female Researcher Mentor System in 2015. If you are a female researcher (or academic researcher) or a female ・・・・・More!

  • Research Assistant Program

    In order for female researchers who cannot secure sufficient research time due to life events and other reasons to continue their work and improve ・・・・・More!

  • For Students

    The Support Office for Female Researchers is currently accepting registrations for Research Assistants to support researchers ・・・・・More!

  • Contact Us

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our programs or worries regarding work-life balance and carrier building. ・・・・・More!